Teenage post

Don't sit there like some silly girl
If you wait too long you'll be too late
I'm not telling you something new
There ain't no time to lose (No time to lose)
You don't have the luxury of time
You have got to say what's on your mind
Your head lost in the stars
You'll never go far (No time to lose)
It's time for you to read the signs
Say what you like, do what you feel
You know exactly who you are
The time is right now
You got to decide
Stand in the back or be the star


Mafijne :D

We went to buy bread and some sweet. A small shop on the corner (I shall write about it a little more later) - La tienda de Juan. We were staring at the shelves with cookies searching for something really good, while strange letters caught my eye. Nowość! goddamn, that's polish. Polish cookies in a small spanish shop. Mafijne, my favourites :D Small things can really make you smile ;)


piece of shit

or maybe rather mountain of crap
that's how I feel making the same mistake for the hundredth time
it's just to go down and open door... but what then? shall I promise for the hundredth time that it won't happen again?
shall I stand there crying not being able to say a word?
or turn around for him to just kick my ass as I surely deserve that?
maybe they are all right, that is just to change the way, nothing more
somehow feels impossible
how to know what do I want?
I feel empty


I'm a woman!

I'm silk and satin 
And I know child and lover's pain 
But don't be fooled 'cause I'm tender hearted 
I'm stronger than a hurricane 

I like fire, I like ice 
I can cut you like a knife 
But I'd rather be nice 
I'm a woman 

So don't push and don't shove 
What you want there's plenty of 
I was born to make love 
I'm a woman 

Hot nights... dripping passion 
Lead you to my bed of flames 
Leave your world enter my enchantment 
And I will love you wild and un-restrained

you can listen here:



I went out and the sky was dark blue. I was very surprised, because it was morning. Some light was visible above the buldings. "Aurora borealis?" I thought "But here? How come?" I was very confused, but then it started to get brighter. I looked at the city and noticed a big whirlwind somewhere far away in front of me and some smaller ones on the right. I thought that I have to hide, but first of all "I should go back to the forest, take all my things from the tent". The problem was - the whirlwind was fast... What if I won't be on time, and get caught in the middle of the forest? "But I left there my mobile and Śnieżka! Then it may be a mess everywhere, what will I do without the phone?! And my little Misia!". On my way back I met some german couple, I explained them about the danger and helped them to open some heavy door. We entered a strange place, and get to the roof. From there I saw that the whirlwinds had disappeared. For now...
I decided to go back as soon as I could. I was walking and wondering if I remember the way. Suddenly I looked to the right and saw a huge bridge and that sight scared me as hell. "The brandenburg bridge!" I was thinking that's it's almost a sin, that I have not seen it before, but now there was no time for it, and anyway the open space on the other side was terryfying. I went into the forest and tried to know which way to take. One of the roads was full of hippies the other, going up was empty I took that one, but it was difficult because I had rollerblades on my feet. Going down was also hard, I was afraid of going to fast.

I think I never get to the place I wanted, at 9.45 the alarm in my mobile phone reminded me to change my contraception patch ;)



I was walking up the stairs and as soon as I reached my floor, a neighbour from downstairs went out of her flat with a needle in her forearm. I hurried so she wouldn't ask me for any help. I was not feeling like helping any injections. Luckily she just knocked on the door opposite of her flat. I knocked to the door of my flat and checked if they were open. No one was at home for a long time before. Surprisingly this time it was open. So I entered.
"Finally someone is at home!"
And yes, there was someone. My mum came out from the kitchen dressed in a habit. I felt like someone has shot me. I slumped to the ground covering my mouth opened with shock. My mum seeing my face quickly added:
"Oh, dad was allowed to pray" like if that was enough for her to become a nun now.
I started to cry loud not knowing what to do and she was just standing there with a holy smile. After I managed to stop the ocean of my tears I went to the living room and had a closer look at her new nun's clothes. Still sobbing I said:
"Oh, but there are drawings of the moomins on this"
"Yes, because it's the same company that is making them" answered my mum comforting me.
And I wonder why we can not realise in time, that such a bullshit can only be a dream? :D

When my alarm clock sounded I still had this absurd situation in my mind but as I took a shower I let it go. The day was so beautiful... I had two hours free after work and before my lecture so I decided to go to the beach. As I approached the water, the strong smell of the sea, literally hit my nostrils. I smiled to myself, it felt so good... My plan was to sit there for some time, have my lunch and go walking to the university. But the wind was so strong that it was difficult to eat without the sand inside the food :) But who would care, looking at the deep, blue green of the sea?
Śnieżka was happy too :)